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Belmopan - Capital of Belize

A population of around 20,000 makes Belmopan
the smallest capital in the world ...


And that makes everything close at hand. You can walk from your hotel to the government buildings in a matter of minutes.

Belmopan Belmopan was established following devastation of the former capital, Belize City, by Hurricane Hattie in 1961. High ground and open space influenced the choice and ground-breaking began in 1966. By 1970 most government offices and operations had already moved to the new location. 

Today, Belmopan is increasingly becoming the center for the business of land acquisition, commerce and other legal applications. 

With its colorful vegetation and many Flamboyant trees, Belmopan is referred to as the "Garden City". Belmopan is located approximately 48 miles southwest of Belize City, 22 miles east of San Ignacio and 57 miles northwest of Dangriga and the Caribbean coast. 

Belmopan MarketIndependence Plaza marks the center of town. Many of the government administrative buildings are grouped within the plaza. The post office is located here. Surrounding the plaza are pedestrian walkways which connect to business and residential areas. The hospital, a number of embassies and the main campus and administrative buildings for the University of Belize are all within walking distance. 

Belmopan MarketMarket Square is next to the Plaza and where much of the local commerce takes place. Open most days, vendors sell everything from tropical fruits and tamales to Mennonite watermelons and copycat designer jewelry. Adjacent to the market is the bus terminal.

Things to Do ...

Guancaste ParkGuanacaste Park
The park is located a few minutes from town on the Western Highay at the Belmopan turnoff. In this 50 acre park, orchids and other "air plants" can be seen along nearly 2 miles of trails with shaded benches for easy wildlife and bird watching.

The Visitor's Center is a first-class source of information about the birds, butterflies, and animal life you are likely to see. Enjoy swimming in Roaring Creek which passes through the park.

Getting There and Away ...

The Hummingbird Highway is considered the most scenic road in Belize and a visual experience. Carved through the foothills of the Maya Mountains, the road connects Belmopan to the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts.

Twelve miles outside Belmopan is where to find Blue Hole National Park. The "Inland" Blue Hole is a popular swimming, picnicking and hiking spot. St. Herman's cave is only a 15-minute walk from the park information center.

The entrance road to the popular Mountain Pine Ridge lies to the west of Belmopan, about 15 miles along the Western Highway heading towards San Ignacio. Traveling eastward a few miles, offers the opportunity to enjoy guided Cave Tubing and Zip-lining. Further down the road, the Belize Zoo makes for a convenient stop-over as you make your way between Belize City and the capital. 

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